About Papatu

Hello, we are javvie and xuh, independent polish art duo! We live in Kraków with our dog Buzia, and together we form Papatu - our small press and animation studio. Everything you see here: comic books, stickers, prints and more, is all created by us. Our latest and most precious creation so far is the first issue of Papatu Para Para Comic Shorts, which is currently sold out (thank you!) We're already working on the next issue. We can't wait to expand the range of content on this site in the future, so stay tuned~

TL;DR: papatu = xuh + javvie = endless love

If you're looking for javvie's art resource page CLICK HERE (it's still WIP tho)


Freelance artist, cute and creepy stuff enjoyer, editor of Ciut Zine and author of award winning indie comic book 'Coal' (sold out). Published in comic/illustration anthologies such as Kuš, Klub zin, Papatu Para Para Comic Shorts (ofc!) and more... In her free time she likes to either listen to true crime podcasts or think about Naruto. Not at the same time. That would be weird.

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Director, screenwriter, storyboard artist, tiktok creator, best known for being xuh's girlfriend. She won second place at the O!PLA festival for directing the animated series "Hug me," and has been published in comic anthologies such as Klub zin, Ciut, Ostatnie drzewo. In her free time she likes to paint epic gouache portraits of Hatsune Miku.

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Buzia... ♡ our adopted tomboy sunshine and muse. Also known as Beast of the Forest, as she was found in the wild as a tiny puppy (allegedly). She does all the paperwork for us, and by 'paperwork' I mean destroying every sheet of paper she gets. Isn't she lovely?

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