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PROCESY JAVVIE sketchbook zine by JAVVIE

PROCESY JAVVIE sketchbook zine by JAVVIE

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ATTENTION: 8 of the 24 pages from this zine are ORIGINAL DRAWINGS, which means each zine is UNIQUE

Javvie’s first ever printed out sketchbook zine limited to only 50 copies (each is signed). 16 pages are printed drawings and gouache sketches from javvie’s most recent sketchbooks, and remaining 8 pages are one-of-a-kind original drawings made on paper at some point in her life, varying in the theme: fanarts, sketches from life, comic ideas, etc. and media used: fineliner, markers, pencil, etc.

Two first preview photos are examples of printed out pages that are the same in every zine. After that, all the remaining photos are of various original works that are unique to each copy. We choose copy at random.

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Handmade, 2023

Art: javvie


Pages: 24

Size: A6

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